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Ways To Consume Marijuana

Sometime back, before the millennials were born, sharing a smoky joint was the in thing.  Well, that habit is more or less dead, thanks to advances in science and health consciousness. 

Currently, there are diverse ways in which marijuana is consumed. The main methods are summarized here, giving their advantages and disadvantages. This will help you select a method that is guaranteed to give you the kick out of marijuana.


Inhalation involves the breathing in of the marijuana ingredients to the lungs where they are eventually absorbed into the blood stream. Here you will get two distinct procedures - smoking and vaporization. 


Smoking is the traditional method that has been used from time immemorial. It involves burning of the marijuana flowers and inhaling the released components. The problem with this method is that you inhale both the beneficial compounds (the cannabinoids and terpenes that have therapeutic effects and make you high) and non-beneficial materials such as carbon monoxide gas, molds, and pesticide residues.  

Medical practitioners do not recommend this method because the heat and burning organic matter causes irritation of the throat and lungs. Additionally, smoke impairs the circulation of blood in the body. Hence, this method is harmful both to the active smoker and to passive smokers.


Unlike smoking, here the herb is heated using a vaporizer to a temperature where the cannabinoids and terpenes turn into vapor which is inhaled. The potentially harmful materials are left behind.  Since you just inhale the active ingredients, marijuana consumed in this form gives a very fast kick but is short lived. For people with reservations about the effects of smoking, this method is friendlier to the lungs.  


You can also consume marijuana through the mouth either directly or added to food. An example of these is weed tea, which is the brewed herb. Other products are in form of capsules, oils, crackers, and tinctures.  Because of the digestion process, you take longer to get high but the kick is very strong and long lasting. It is easy to overdose when using this method.


In this method, the marijuana is held inside the mouth under the tongue. It can be in the form of lozenges or dissolvable strips or tinctures. The kick is fast and sharp, but it is easy to control the dosage. 


These are applied on the skin. You don’t get high with these but they are very good for relief of localized pain such as arthritis, soreness, and skin inflammations. 

The kick you will get out of marijuana depends on how you consume it.

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