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Natural Ways To Detox From Marijuana

If you are a weed lover, this might be the last thing you ever do! But if you’re already shifting priorities like quit smoking marijuana, you might want to find some of the best ways to detox from marijuana. Just like any other vices, the process could be really as hard as you’d think it could be. This is the reason why we’ve picked some of the best and working natural methods to detox from weed. These methods are devised to work naturally and produce that desirable results that you’d want in no time. 

natural marijuana detox

1. Drink lots of water

Water is life. This has many uses asides being used for cleaning our bodies to refresh our tired system. Drinking considerably large volume of water daily has been proven to eliminate the remnants or traces of marijuana in your blood. Coupled with exercise, this will surely make the process faster and far more effective. 

2. Drink lemon juice

You may also put a little bit of lemon in your drink. This fruit is definitely not just a lemon this time, as it is proven to be really good source of Vitamin C, which is a very important element for cleansing your body from traces of marijuana. Stay as natural as you could and avoid any forms of soda water for now. 

3. Drink tea

Another great method, which requires no efforts at all is drinking tea. For the sake of this article, however, we would like to emphasize two kinds of tea, namely dandelion and green tea. Both of them are good ways to detox from marijuana. So, simply replace your coffee habit with a tea habit. 

4. Eat fiber

Fiber is not only good for your gut but is also pefect for your overall health. As a matter of fact, those who would like to detox from marijuana are highly advised to consume the larger amount of fiber to make the process smoother. Fiber is known to contain various necessary elements that are helpful for the detoxing. 

5. Eat greens

Another basic habit to get rid of marijuana traces from your system is eating greens. Green vegetables like chard, kale, spinach and broccoli are known to be high in essential nutrients that will surely make your day right. Apart from the many health benefits, that a person can take advantage out of eating greens, this is also highly recommended to detox from marijuana. 

6. Avoid junk food

Since your aim is to be able to get rid of the traces of marijuana from your body, avoid stuffing useless grabs into your gut. This will only negatively affect your metabolism and in return will impede the process of detoxing from marijuana. Red meat is also something that you must avoid for good reasons, so instead focus on lean meat for the meantime. 

7. Exercise

All sorts of detoxifying involve being physically active. This includes detoxing from marijuana. As your body discharges sweat, it is also eliminating all of those harmful and useless toxins from your system. Just be sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water to balance what’s going in and out of your body. 

8. Avoid Weed

Last but of course not the least is avoiding weed itself! This method is very effective and will surely remove marijuana from your system for good. However, this is the hardest part. It’s literally removing the whole pleasure from your system. To succeed on this step, be sure to choose the best methods of diverting your attention from weed, so you would not want to commit the same act again. 

These natural ways have been proven to be really effective methods to detox from marijuana. However, if your will is not set, then these practices won’t have any effect on the whole program. Hence, as a friendly reminder, always pick the best methods that you think you can handle. Avoid pushing yourself so hard, this will not give you any good results. Make your time-frame reasonable as well to avoid putting so much pressure on yourself. Remember, having to let go of using weed is already tough, hence, try to ease things by picking the right ones from this list.